Saturday, April 6, 2013

Faith~Family~Farm Land

In my family, my Grandfather and my Uncle are farmers and ranchers who for many years have worked side by side. I have many fond memories of taking lunch to my Grandpa on the farm and getting to stay to ride in the combine with him.

During harvest my dad would usually take a few weeks off of work to help get the work done and there were even some afternoons that we would head to the farm and help pick a few rows of corn by hand. We usually would pick enough to have a few bags for each of us and some for other family members and some for the neighbors. One of my favorite summer chores was sitting on the back porch shucking bags full of corn. I still love doing that!

I remember one summer my Grandma decided that my little sister and I would go and pick out a kitten to surprise my Grandpa with at the farm to help catch the barn mice. We went to the house of a little girl in my Sunday school class who had the kittens to give away. We left her house with not one, but three kittens (one for each of us.) I still remember the smile on Grandpa's face when we took the kittens to him and the loud laugh he released as Grandma pulled the kittens out one by one.

That is just a few of many memories I have of the fun I had with my siblings and my cousins growing up playing on the farm and on the ranch. I am so grateful that I got to grow up with God's beauty as my backdrop.

The other day I snuck away to take some nature photos on a day that was just breathtakingly beautiful. We live surrounded by farm land so I do not have to go far to take in the beauty of landscapes that are so dear to my heart.

I got in my car with my camera in hand and headed to the edge of town down some back country roads taking photos from my car as things caught my attention. As I drove around I had a specific image in my mind that I wanted to create.

Growing up I was witness to how hard farmers and ranchers worked. I saw the struggles. I felt the callused hands when I took my Grandpa's hand in mine. I remember hearing my Grandparents worrying when times were tough or when the weather turned for the worse and the storms threatened the crops. When the storms hit, my Grandpa would always dig a little deeper and pray even harder.

My Grandpa and my Uncle's love for the land, family and the Lord are the most admirable qualities about them in my eyes. 

Faith~Family~Farm Land.....that is what was on my heart as I shot the image below.

I call it "Farmers Prayer".....Lord, bless the land You've given me, And may I always know
As I tend each crop and creature You're the One who helps them grow.

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