Monday, April 8, 2013

Sidewalk Chalk and Jesus

This Saturday we saw some beautiful Spring weather and we were eager to get outside and soak up some sun and burn off some energy. We spent time jumping on the trampoline, flying a new kite my  son got for Easter and drawing with his new sidewalk chalk.

We had decided to draw a Welcome Home picture for daddy to see when he got home for work later in the day so we set to picking out colors and making our sign. After we had finished, my little guy set to drawing his own picture. He refused to tell me what he was drawing, but promised I was going to love his artwork.

He was working so diligently and when he finished he stood up and with pride in his voice he said to me "Look Momma! I made the Earth, Jesus and The Holy Temple. I also made a heart around them to show love."

I was speechless! I told him that I LOVED his drawing and that I'm sure he made Jesus smile. He gave me a big smile and said "I guess I am just in an attitude of Jesus today."
My heart was overflowing with pride! And with that I wrapped my arms around this little boy who suddenly seemed wise beyond his years.

I held him in a tight hug as the tears streamed down my face. I then prayed over him outloud saying "Jesus, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for blessing us with this little boy who loves you so much!"

I often question if my son truly understands how much Jesus gave of himself so that we could be saved.  I wonder if he understands how much we are loved by our Heavenly Father. I had actually been pondering those questions earlier in the day, but in that moment I felt that doubt melt away and all was confirmed.

Sometimes the Lord speaks to you in the most unexpected ways. On Saturday, I heard his voice and it came to me through sidewalk chalk and a little boy with a heart for Jesus! Thank you Lord! I got the message. :)

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