Saturday, February 22, 2014

May I borrow some butter?

It was late afternoon when there was a knock at the door. It was that time of the day where the big kids are home from school, snack time is over, shoes are on and my daycare parents start arriving to pick up their little ones. It is always the busiest part of the day other than lunch time and sometimes I find myself feeling completely exhausted yet overjoyed that the day is coming to a close. One of my parents was sitting on the couch while we once again tried to convince her sweet, blue eyed, two year old little girl that it was time to leave while her 8 month old little sister was fussing and squirming to get out of her car seat.

We were discussing the girls day when someone arrived on our front porch. The dog started barking excitedly, the kids were running to the window to peak out at our visitor who choose to knock on the door instead of just walk right in. A sure sign that this visitor was most likely someone we did not know or someone who is not comfortable enough just walking into our home like our close friends and family who visit us often do. I hurried to the door out of fear that the dog or the kids may frighten away our guest.

I opened the door to see a man and a woman standing there. Their clothes were worn and given the temperature outside their coats where not enough to keep them warm. The woman I recognized as our neighbor who other than a brief hello I did not know well. The man was someone I had not seen before, but my husband and I had noticed that for several weeks now they had company so I was not surprised. The man smiled a gentle smile and with a voice that sounded slightly embarrassed asked if I had some butter they could buy.

Our neighbors often walk the few blocks over to the gas station in town (we do not have a grocery store) and I had seem them pass in that direction a short while ago. I assumed this meant that the gas station was out of butter. I at first wasn't sure I had heard him correctly. I wasn't expecting that to be the reason for their visit. I returned his smile and said of course and headed to the fridge to grab two sticks of butter. I handed them to him asking if that would be enough as he dug thru the change in his hand. I assured him he did not need to pay me, after all that is what neighbors are for. He smiled, almost a smile of relief  as much as of thanks and they walked away.

I closed the door and turned around to see 5 little faces looking at me asking me what our visitors wanted. They all gave me a look of confusion when I said "butter". I looked over at my daycare parent wrangling her oldest into her coat and we just exchanged smiles.

In that moment a wave of gratitude swept over my heart. I was grateful for all the I had in front of me. I was grateful that our neighbors felt comfortable enough to come to our door and I was grateful I was able to share with them what they needed. It was a humbling reminder that I needed that day. It was a lesson is loving thy neighbor that I was able to show my children. It never ceases to amaze me when and how God chooses to remind me of his love and how I can share His love with others.

1 John 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.


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