Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Welcome to Blessings from the Heartland!

This is a place where I share my heart and experiences in regards to my faith, marriage, parenting, homemaking, my love of photography and the joys of small town living.

I am a woman strong in faith and blessed beyond measure. I am the proud wife to an amazing man who has been my better half for the last 14yrs. We are the parents to an adorable little boy who is 8yrs old and the light of our life. He is an incredible gift from God that we were told would never be possible after a long journey thru illness and infertility. Thank heavens God saw it fit to bless us with a child because I cannot imagine life with out our silly, funny, smart little blue eyed boy!

Thru my posts I will share with you our joys and struggles. Life has not always been easy, but that has made my faith stronger thru every single peak and valley we have had to journey around and thru. I am proud of every mountain we have had to climb to get to the other side of the plan God had in store for us.

I am a proud homemaker. I enjoy making our house a home. I love decorating, but my favorite thing to do is to cook and entertain. It is not uncommon for us to have supper guest once every week or two. I must admit though that I am terrible at being able to give out my recipes to others because I do not measure anything. It is hard to tell someone how to make one of my recipes when I can only tell them...it is a pinch of this and a dash of that.

I love living in a small town! Our town has about 800 people, it is a small farming community that has no stop light and no grocery story.  Growing up my best friend lived in this town while I lived 15 minutes away in the "city". This little town has always held a special place in my heart as I spent many summers here visiting her.  I have lots of memories here from childhood.  When we were looking to buy a property outside of the city this town was calling my name. My husband had his reservations being that he was raised a "city boy", but he has grown to love our community and small town living as much as I do.

 It was two years ago that we bought our two-story farm house that was built in 1906. (I just so happens to be located caddy corner from my best friends house growing up.) Our house has tons of character which is why we fell in love with it. My dear husband is very handy and so we are always working on a project. We are in the midst of remodeling the basement and we have a few finishing details and then four rooms will have been completed and just the laundry room and bathroom are left to complete. Yay! It feels like we will never be done!

I am a photographer and have had my own business for three years now. I specialize in outdoor photography and shoot everything from newborns to weddings. This year however my focus is to move more into nature photography. Living in Nebraska, there is so much beauty surrounding us and I am find abounding beauty in photographing God's handiwork.

I have lots more I could share with you about me, but I hope you will put your feet up, stay awhile and take a look around. This is our life and our journey. Thank you for visiting!