Saturday, July 5, 2014

Blue Skies, Back Roads and Beautiful Nebraska

I have found a renewed love for nature photography! I have been spending a few evenings a week driving down the many dirt roads around here with my camera in hand. It has been oh so good for my soul! I am cherishing the time where it is just me, my camera and the beauty that lies in God's handiwork.

 We have recently been battered and drenched by several storms. The other evening, as I set out to capture the sunset I begin to notice something. Rain water....lots and lots of rain water. There were ditches and fields still flooded all over the area, yet the day had seen no rain and the sun had been shining beautifully all day long.

As I drove along looking for inspiration, I couldn't help but think of the words....After the storms, the sun will always shine. Everywhere I look I saw the truth of these words before me. It was a message I needed to hear in that moment. As I lifted my camera to capture another image, I whispered "Thank you Lord for your beauty." 

I thought I would share several of the images I captured the other night. I hope you enjoy them!

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