Monday, November 3, 2014

Creating A Space for Us

We have been in our old farm house for 2 1/2 years now. We have done a lot of work to it in this time. A LOT of work. There is one area of the house though that we have yet to even touch and that is the master bedroom. This room still has the same peachy color that the previous owners had on the walls. The paint is chipped away from the original late 1800's doors and base boards. There is nothing in this room that says US other than our pictures on the wall.

If it were up to my husband he would gut the whole room including the office loft and start new. He wants the plaster walls gone and the walls pushed back to take up the empty attic space we have no use for. That desire had left us to agree that it was all better left alone until we could demo it and start over. Now, we all know when it comes to big projects like that there is never enough time or money it seems.  That is where we have been.

It all started with a home project list evaluation when I recommended that we put the remodel on hold and just start off with a little paint. The next day my husband went and bought the paint color we had agreed on and the painting began. Our room is now a lovely shade of blue. The doors and base boards have been refreshed with a cottage white color that make them look good as new. The subtle changes have made us both very aware that as much as this space was ours, it was never really OURS.

I have an idea of what look I am going for in our room. (Think.....Country Chic with lots of vintage touches.) Oh....I can't wait! (Of course I will share pictures when it's done!) I have yet to find bedding I love, but slowly I am getting the decor elements together. Today I purchased a lovely bird cage inspired candle holder and a beautiful blue damask false book with a cross on it. I was hoping to find some neat vintage artwork, but I have had no luck. Well, you know me....if I can't find it......I'll make it! :) Which is exactly what I did tonight.

I made this piece inspired by my love for music, all things vintage and my husband, (Say together now...Awww!) I took the lyrics from the song we had our first dance to on our wedding day. I was hoping to find the vintage sheet music by Louis Armstrong, but with no luck chose a love inspired title.

Please feel free to print and use for personal use only! Enjoy!

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